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Becoming a gardener (or a writer) – someone who learns

“To become a gardener means to try, to fail, to stubbornly plug away at something, to endure serious disappointments and small triumphs that encourage you to try and fail again. But it means, above all, perking up your ears, sniffing, … Continue reading

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How do gardens change? Looking for Cause and Effect

Each year a garden experiences many changes. Just like us it grows and develops. A garden is expected to change each year and so are we. We get taller, stronger and our body change. These changes also happen in the … Continue reading

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What is hiding in plain sight?

What do we miss when we hurry down the sidewalk, run to the bus or just walk but don’t pay attention?   I discovered we miss a great deal. I arrived at Eloise Butler Wild Flower garden to find a completely … Continue reading

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