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Chlorophyll, plants, art and 3rd graders

Sometime you just need to be outdoors and in the real world to make connections. When sitting with trees, and plants all around you it is easier to take in how much we are the same as the plant world … Continue reading

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Bees and More Bees

I am a gardener. I am an organic gardener. I garden in the middle of a large city. It is a wonderful thing to do. On a glorious morning like today – sunny, cool fresh air, dew covered grass – … Continue reading

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Sleeping for the winter

Closing down for the winter! The Garden Learning sight has actually been sleeping for most of the summer and now winter is just around the corner. So I am just making it official. Although I have been in the garden … Continue reading

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Winter Reflections

This year our winter garden has been almost to cold to go out and visit ( – 50 is really cold). The last few weeks we have been apart of the great Polar Vortex. The winds of winter have kept … Continue reading

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A Walk in the Woods

We often go walking and see plants, trees and animals. What is the difference between a group of trees and a forest or woods? Why do we call a place a forest and what will we find when walking there? … Continue reading

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Wet and spongy – The mosses are happy!

This June has been one rainy day after another. It was been great for our plants since last summer and fall were very dry. There is one group of plants that is really enjoying all this moisture. It is a … Continue reading

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Who is moving back? The Spring Migration

Today is April 4th and it is slowly beginning to look and feel like spring.  We watch for spring by recording the changes in the world around us.   Some changes we notice quickly – like the longer day light, … Continue reading

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