What is hiding in plain sight?

What do we miss when we hurry down the sidewalk, run to the bus or just walk but don’t pay attention?   I discovered we miss a great deal.

I arrived at Eloise Butler Wild Flower garden to find a completely different garden than last week.  The snow was gone and it was rolling hills of brown trees, brown leaves, just plain brown. The garden had changed from snow-white to tree brown.

Eloise Butler April 1

Eloise Butler April 8th

Susan, our gardener, was busy getting ready for the opening of the garden on Monday morning so she waved me on and said – “ Oh, there are flowers blooming down by the “fork” in the path.  You know, right by the marsh.”

Excited and still buzzing for school I headed off in the wild garden to see flowers, a new color in this field of brown.  Walking quickly I arrived at the “fork” in the path (the place where the path goes in two different directions) but did not see any flowers.   I stopped and thought for a minute.  What am I missing?   I re-traced my steps and just stood still.  I reminded myself to look as if I was a naturalist, or a scientist, a writer.  What do they do?  They all use careful observation.

Wow- I had missed so much.  There at my feet were a bunch of tiny pinkish white flowers blooming.  They were right at the edge of the path and could easily be stepped on if I was not watching carefully.  I continued my walk more slowing and the “all” brown woods began to show off its true colors.  There was the deep burgundy of the skunk cabbage, the bright fire truck red of the dogwood bushes, a little plant called Trout Lily was showing its gray-green leaves with spots, and another lime green set of leaves was just peeking out of the ground.

Wild Flowers

Skunk Cabbage

Red Dogwood Branches






The wild garden was full of color but you needed to look closely.  Sometimes just standing still and looking around showed hidden treasures.

What hidden treasures can you find when you use careful observation?

Tell us where you see hidden treasures on your spring walks? (Add your comments below or e-mail photos and thoughts to gardenlearning001@gmail.com to be posted on the Garden Learning blog.)

About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, care for my Grandson and write. Life is good!
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