Fresh Start – learning about my garden in the winter

IMG_2591It is December 28th and we are just days away from a new year. The ground in my garden here in Minnesota is frozen solid and there is a few inches of snow covering all of the yard. It is not the time you think about being in the garden. Let’s be real – it is 19 degrees outside. It feels like 6 degrees and there is a storm warning for 3 to 9 inches of snow between today and tomorrow.

Yes, it is a good time to sit by the fire and look at garden magazines and dream of green but there are things happening in the garden. If I want to learn then I need to be out to see what is going on. In the past I have closed the door on the garden once the ground is frozen and then have been surprised in the spring to see what has happened.

This year my plan is different. If this is to be a garden I learn from then I need to be out looking around all year. The first lesson of learning is to see, to really look carefully at the world around you.

So here is my first resolution of the 2016.

  • walk the perimeter of my garden/yard daily
  • to look closely at the whole yard (it isn’t that big – I live in the city -8,820 square feet)
  • take pictures and choose one to represent the day
  • list what I saw

It sounds easy enough but I know I am not good at daily tasks so I decided to begin a few days early just to begin a pattern before January hits and I am working again.

It is easy to just tromp around in the snow – it took me all of about 10 minutes to walk the perimeter and take a few pictures. Here is what I saw today

  • Rabbit tracks everywhere – plus one large rabbit hiding under the bush along the south fence line
  • Buds on the lilac bushes – they were green and looking like they wanted to open up. I am sure this is due to the warm late fall we had. I hope this cold of January does not harm the spring growth that was started. IMG_2592
  • Random wire in the back southeast corner – a place I seldom go. The wire must have been dropped from someone who worked on the power lines above last summer. This area needs to be cleaned and re planted in the spring (See, this is what I am hoping would happen – just walking the yard helps me see what needs to be attended to.)
  • The Spirea Bushes are already being eaten by the rabbits.  I have put food scraps in the compost but that has not been touched. I wonder what I can put out for the rabbits so they leave the bushes alone?

Not super exciting and yet there is action out there even if it looks like the plants and animals are sleeping the winter away. It will be interesting to see what the winter storm will bring for tomorrows walk.

It does make we wonder about the activity in the woods – my go to wild garden is Eloise Butler Wildflower garden here in Minneapolis, which is closed for the season. I am sure there is lots of critter activity there as well.

About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, care for my Grandson and write. Life is good!
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1 Response to Fresh Start – learning about my garden in the winter

  1. jarhartz says:

    Your goal to see what surrounds you is a resolution we all should take! I live in a world so far removed from yours. The ground iis always exposed. Hard but not from the cold. The transformation you will witness as the days warm up will be tremendous. Looking forward to your garden.


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