Winter has begun but we are still growing

1476208_665774330139694_362244001_nIt is December 22 – we have had a light covering of snow although the temperature is hovering around 32 degrees. The garden is officially asleep and it is officially winter. The ground is frozen and leaves have fallen leaving the bare silhouette of branches against a grey sky for us to watch each day.

It is appears to be a time of rest for plants and a few critters who have found a deep hole to sleep in for a few months. Really trees and bushes are not “sleeping” they are in a state of dormancy. They have sensed that the season is changing due to the shorter amount of light and the colder temperatures. With this seasonal change the plants shut down photo-synthesis and slow their growth. They will continue to grow their root system and to take in water and nutrients but not produce leaves. The evergreen trees will continue to¬†photosynthesize but again very slowly.

This winter time gives us a change to slow down as well. It is time to think about last years growing season and plan for the new year. There are a few big questions for us now. They are:

  • What worked in the garden?
  • What really needs to be changed?
  • What vegggies did we eat or wish we had but didn’t grow?

In these questions lies the answer to what seeds I will start under the grow lights? and what other plants I will grow this year?

So although the garden is resting – growing slowly underground – I am slowly reading over my garden journal and making plans for a new season of growing.


About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, care for my Grandson and write. Life is good!
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