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I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, care for my Grandson and write. Life is good!

Becoming a gardener (or a writer) – someone who learns

“To become a gardener means to try, to fail, to stubbornly plug away at something, to endure serious disappointments and small triumphs that encourage you to try and fail again. But it means, above all, perking up your ears, sniffing, … Continue reading

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Bumble Bees that are not Bumbles Bees – compare and contrast

It is a perfect day – the sun is shining, there is a cool breeze and my grass is growing like crazy. So I pulled out the power mower and pulled the cord. It roared to life and we were … Continue reading

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Bees and More Bees

I am a gardener. I am an organic gardener. I garden in the middle of a large city. It is a wonderful thing to do. On a glorious morning like today – sunny, cool fresh air, dew covered grass – … Continue reading

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Summer Patterns

Everywhere I look there are colors and patterns. It is summer and the world around us is showing off. The flowers are in bloom, the early veggies are ready for picking. It is time to look closely at our summer … Continue reading

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Earth Day, Gardens and Books for the little folks

Our earth is old but continues to grow. Today is considered Earth Day. A day to honor our earth, our plants, animals and the globe we live on. It does seem a bit odd that we find one day each … Continue reading

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Gardening means I need to know my math

  It is spring the leaf buds are pushing open on the lilac bushes and my indoor garden has been growing for a few weeks. It was great fun to start spring inside but I discovered I had lots of … Continue reading

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February First – winter gardens

Garden Learning has been in hibernation for the last few months. For two reasons one a broken wrist made it hard to type and take pictures but more importantly  in Minnesota the ground is white and frozen, the air is … Continue reading

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Sleeping for the winter

Closing down for the winter! The Garden Learning sight has actually been sleeping for most of the summer and now winter is just around the corner. So I am just making it official. Although I have been in the garden … Continue reading

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Spring Rains – story starters

  It was a long winter here in Minnesota and we were all looking for spring sun and warm temperatures. We have instead cool temperatures and days of clouds and rain. It has not been what our emotions have wanted … Continue reading

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Oh, No Fire! Wait, this fire is a good thing

If you take a walk in Eloise Butler Wildflower garden and climb up the big hill to the prairie land you find a big surprise. The land is darkened and burned.  At first it is easy to worry and think … Continue reading

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