What is green? Looking at color variation

As a writer and scientist I try to always have my journal, pencil and colored pencils in my backpack as I walk through the garden.   There are always new ideas for writing and drawing that pop up around every corner.   Today I am amazed at the shades of green I found everywhere.   The colors in my pencil box just did not do the trick when I tried to draw.  There were so many colors in the leaves.   They are not just green! There is light yellow green, green green, a blue green and there is even one that was more purple than green.  The artist in me started playing with colors – mixing and blending to get just the right color to match the leaf I was drawing.

You might like to give this a try –  start with two colors to make a color bar.   I choose purple and green.  Make a green square at one end of the line and a purple one at the other.  Then begin to blend in your colors on the bar moving the colors together and over lapping each other.   (green moving to purple and purple moving to green)

How many different shades did you come up with?  Did one of them match the leaf color you were looking at?   As you can see from my journal I still need to practice matching colors.   Do you need to add in other colors to get an exact match – a little more red or blue – you might need to add brown or a light bit of black. If it is to dark than a bit of white might help.   Be adventuresome and see what really matches the colors you are seeing in garden.   Take your time and experiment!  Is is what good artists and scientist do.

[Artists words for color:                                                                                                                   Hue is another word for color. The attribute which describes colors by name – red, blue.  Shading is when you add black to make your color darker.  Tint is the adding of white to lighten your color.   Blending is the mixing of colors.]

About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, care for my Grandson and write. Life is good!
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