Bees and More Bees

I am a gardener. I am an organic gardener. I garden in the middle of a large city. It is a wonderful thing to do. On a glorious morning like today – sunny, cool fresh air, dew covered grass – I walk out my front door bare foot and pull a few carrots for lunch, pick tomatoes and check on the new planting of beets. In the back garden I water the new plants in the rock garden that I am developing on the old fire pit patio. Life is good.

I have an over abundance of pollinators in my garden. They are everywhere and that is a good thing. Right?  Well, I thought so until I realize that one group of my friendly pollinators has taken up residence in the ground. We are now the proud owner of a large bubble bee colony. IMG_2295

I know there are stories to be written about these wonderful guys. I know we need these small critters in our world. I know I want to do the right thing but we have a problem –

  • there is no mowing near the colony
  • there is only very careful walking in the back yard due to bees – everywhere
  • there is no watering and picking cucumbers that are near the nest
  • there is no digging up the new potatoes near the nest
  • there is the issue that I am mildly allergic to bees – lots of swelling, not fun, hard to breathe

So I made the call. They are coming! I am sorry bees but you need to live out in a more open area not in my back yard.

The live trap bee removal guys will come and help find a new home for my bees tomorrow!

About Joanne Toft

I am a retired Minneapolis Public School teacher. I walk, garden, care for my Grandson and write. Life is good!
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